PMO Services (EN)

A Project Management Office (abbreviated: PMO) is a group or department within a company that defines and maintains standards for project management and delivery. The degree of control that the PMO has on the execution of a portfolio of projects can vary from supportive to directive. We see PMOs, for example, at companies that continuously implement IT projects. However, a PMO can also be of a more temporary nature, for example after an advisory process from strategic consultants. Such a process often results in a number of projects to improve or restructure business processes. It is this latter context that is referred to in the context of the services of Carolus Services. The PMO is then leading in the realization of the various projects. The members of the PMO come from different disciplines and each of them supervises one or more projects.

As a business economist I can fulfill a role for clients in a PMO, not only for the implementation of one of the projects but also for reporting on the results achieved compared to the baseline of the program (one-off and / or recurring costs and savings) .