Welcome on the site of Carolus Services !

My name is Carel van den Bor and since May 2018 I am independent financial advisor.

I have more then 20 years experience as a financial and business controller and I am holding a master degree in business economics. As a controller I have worked on nearly all organizational levels in a big international consultancy and engineering company. Besides controlling I have also been involved with related work fields like IT (financial software) and organizational change.

As an independent consultant I now focus on performing interim work and projects for clients. The most important services hereby are: Interim Controlling, ERP-implementations and PMO-Services. All these services can apply to both large organizations (government, companies) and smaller organizations (SMEs).

In addition to interim and project-based work, I also started offering administrative services to self-employed persons, micro- and small legal entities.

The above services are not exhaustive. I can also serve clients on more specific topics such as IFRS or fraud analysis.

If you are interested, you can contact me via the contact form on this site.