ERP-implementation (EN)

In my role as controller I have gained a lot of functional knowledge about ERP software. At one point, as an experienced end user, I made the switch to the IT department of my then employer for a number of years, first to provide post-go-live support for SAP implementations and later as a project leader for the realization of improvement projects and RFCs. At a later stage, now from a controlling function, I led the roll-out of SAP in a number of operating companies in different countries.

I am currently doing a project for an Oracle (cloud) roll-out in which I manage the workstreams of my client’s Dutch operating company.

The field of ERP implementations is broad. What I can do for clients will depend on the specific roll-out. A number of tasks such as project management, drafting requirements, guiding drafting of functional designs (for configuration, integrations or reports), training management, communication and change management are more generic. Other tasks are more technical by their nature and so it will depend on the new ERP system and the legacy system to what extent I can be of service to you.